Going Through Indian Food

Going Through Indian Food

Food is the basis of human life. The human race can’t sustain for a long time without food, because it releases energy which is very important for the metabolisms of the body. It is much more than just a means of satiating hunger but it also gives the energy and a booster injection to the mood of an individual. Indian food is renowned for its unique taste and aroma and has its fans all over the world. Indian bistro in Cincinnati is a place which is well-known for having the most luscious Indian food in town.

Fresh from the Farms

If we talk about the vegetarian side of Indian food, it has all the variety in the world. Almost all the vegetables are put to use to produce some delectable dishes, both with and without curry. The spectrum of the vegetarian food does not take a halt on the vegetables but it has a wide range of lentils and beans that are cooked using different techniques to dish out all the different dishes. Whether it is the main course or just the starters. The variety in the vegetarian section is just enough to amaze one and all. Although it is very difficult to pick one dish each from each section, since North Indian food is right at the top in the hierarchy of Indian food, so we can pick-out three dishes that certainly hold the fort. Malai Kofta, Dal Makhani and Samosa are the three picks, which can leave a delightful impact on the taste buds of the people.

The Second Dimension

The Non-Veg side of Indian food is equally interesting. Chicken, Mutton and Seafood mainly make the non-veg section. Indian non-veg food is incomplete without the dish, which has been a flag bearer of this side of Indian food, and that is Tandoori Chicken. It is one of the most famous Indian food in Cincinnati. Tandoor is a sort of clay oven that is used to prepare some mouth-watering dishes and breads. Mutton is not far behind; the mutton Roghan Josh is too tasty to be described in words.      The Goan Fish curry is an iconic combination of fish and an Indian style curry.

The Super Sweets

It is said that no Indian food is completed without a sweet dish. Indian food has a wide range of sweet dishes to offer that will blast a bomb of sweetness in your mouth. The Rosygulla and Lady Canning of Bengal, Kheer and Carrot Halwa of Punjab, Mysore Paak of Karnataka and Pysam of Tamil Nadu are some of the most exotic sweet delicacies from an Indian Kitchen. It is for sure that if you taste these, you will not be content with just one bite and will love to have one more dig into each of these.

The Mop-Up

Indian food is enriching the lives of people from centuries. Indian restaurants have always been carriers of Indian food, and they are spread all over the world. The whole world is trying to fight the deadly Corona Virus, and thus following a strict lockdown.  Tandoor India Restaurant is a famous Indian restaurant, which gives Indian food delivery in Cincinnati so that you can taste it in all its freshness without stepping out of the house.