Chef’s Recommendations

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Try our chef’s signature dishes! our talented chef’s have put together a variety of special dishes

Mushroom Masala

Masala Mushroom

$ 11.99

Mushrooms cooked in chef’s special sauce

Indian Cuisine

Paneer Special

$ 11.99

Cottage cheese cooked in a tomato, onion and butter sauce.

Special India Food

Masala Green Beans

$ 11.99

Green beans cooked in a blend of herbs and spices.

Vegetarian Ribs

Vegetarian Ribs

$ 12.99

Soy ribs cooked in a thick tomato sauce, herbs and spices

Amazing Products

Tandoor has made a specialty of this lean savory method of cooking, for your pleasure.

Rob Special

$ 16.99

Chicken Rob

$ 14.99

Masala Shrimp

$ 14.99

Sheekh Kebab Special

$ 14.99

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The igloo-shaped clay oven known as the tandoor is most closely identified with Indian cooking. This is an excellent method of baking meats, poultry, fish and bread. This method of cooking originated in Afghanistan and was brought to India by the Mughal rulers.