5 Things That Makes Indian Food Irresistible

5 Things That Makes Indian Food Irresistible

Indian food is famous all across the world for a variety of reasons. Since India as a country is quite diverse, the same diversity is also seen in Indian food. Often people describe Indian food as chilly, fatty, hot and spicy and more. In reality, food from India is much more than that. It is next to impossible to describe this food in a few words. The food in the country has evolved through thousands of years, and environmental factors also had a significant influence on its taste, texture, and flavors. Indian cuisine brings a blend of amazing spices and quality ingredients occupying a top position in culinary arts. Here, we bring you the top five things that make Indian food irresistible.

An Amalgam of Diverse Flavors

Indian food in Downtown Cincinnati brings a fantastic array of mouthwatering delicacies in its various dishes. Not all are spicy; many of them come with the choice of a just few spices that pronounce its flavor without making it tasty and hot. Try out different cuisines to understand the range of options available. Many dishes are curd based which are not too spicy but comes with an all-together unique flavor and texture.

Indian Food Packed With Healthy Secrets

Many people view Indian food as rich in oil, saturated and unsaturated fats; hence unhealthy. In reality, food from India is quite healthy. The forefathers who came up with unique recipes made sure that each dish was healthy and good for the body. It is interesting to note that a lot of dishes from India are season-based, that is, to be consumed in different seasons. Doing so brings a lot of health benefits to foodies who delight in cuisines from India. Besides using a variety of spices, a lot of fresh vegetables are used coming up with a satisfying flavor. Use of ginger, garlic, turmeric and green chilies has found to have a lot of positive health benefits.

Easy to Cook

Some Indian cuisines are simple, easy and quick to cook while some require elaborate preparations. It is to ensure flavors to develop nicely. The Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio deals in both complicated and straightforward meals bringing the best of both to their discerning guests. Recipes like mutter paneer, tandoori chicken and okra are simple to cook and almost all Indian restaurants serve them.

Indian Food is not Just Curry

Many people correlate Indian food with hot, spicy curries. In essence, it is not false. Indian food has curry as an essential element, but the curry can be made in a variety of ways with different flavors, textures, and taste. Some curries can be hot and spicy, with a lot of garam masala added to it, while some maybe yogurt or cashew and cream-based giving a subtle flavor to the cuisine. People who can’t eat spicy food can try cashew-based curries.

Regional Influences

In Indian food, people will unmistakably find diverse regional characteristics. It is interesting to see the same dish cooked differently in different parts of the country with different flavors and taste. Just like Indian culture and topography, Indian food also varies much coming up with exotic varieties.

These reasons have compelled people to try, enjoy and become a die-hard fan of Indian cuisines.

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