Experiencing the Tandoori Magic

Experiencing the Tandoori Magic

Indian food is well known worldwide, because of the distinct taste, exotic flavors and rustic preparation. A plate of authentic Indian food is a sneak peek into the Indian Diaspora. North Indian flavors and cuisine holds the fort when it comes to the most exotic dishes on the Indian platter. Indian restaurants have been the carriers of Indian food; not only in India but also in abroad. Indians take their food along with them, wherever they go. Indian restaurants in Cincinnati Ohio is playing their part in taking the Indian taste, all- over the world. The finger-licking food is equally popular among Indians as well as foreigners and both get teleported to India by the boom of flavors, they experience.

The Tandoori Talisman

Tandoor is a style of cooking, which is very famous in India. This type of cooking renders a unique smoky taste to the food that is loved by all. This style of cooking gained popularity in Afghanistan and Pakistan also. A tandoor is a traditional clay oven which can render equal taste to vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian cuisines.

The Tandoori Chicken Chalm

Tandoori Chicken is the flag bearer of the tandoori cuisine, all round the globe. The influence is such that, when one thinks of tandoori food, tandoori chicken is the first dish to strike the mind. Indian food in Cincinnati is gaining popularity because of the preparation and taste similarities. The restaurants there, offer a wide variety of Indian food and acts as the carriers of the goodness of Indian food. Tandoori Chicken home delivery is equally famous as having it in a fine-dining restaurant, because the one who is in love with this tandoori torchbearer, but is not comfortable with breaking out sweat, can always opt for the home delivery option and have the luscious and smoky taste.

Veggie Delights and Bread

Tandoori Chicken is definitely the stand out performer, but the vegetarian kingdom is also not lagging far behind. Tandoori vegetables are loved by people around the globe. What makes unique is the smoky and rustic taste. Paneer Tikka is the most famous, vegetarian snack dish. To enjoy it to the fullest, one should try it with okra and mint chutney.

Apart from tandoori snacks and dishes, some tandoori bread is really famous around the world. They are taken up with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Tandoori Roti, Naan, Lacchha Parantha are some examples of such bread.


Rewinding the Memories

It s not only about food, but the feel of it. Tandoori food is also the carrier of the Indian feelings, from where it has gained tremendous popularity. Gas and induction cooking can never beat the charisma of tandoori cooking.

Moreover, it brings back the memories of the glorious Indian past, when all the women of the household gathered to set-up a tandoor and cooked various dishes and bread.

The End of Smoke

Indian food has become increasingly famous, round the globe. If one is looking for an, then Tandoor will make one of the best choices. Tandoor India Restaurant is famous for Indian food. With its wide variety of Indian food, from snacks to main-course, every dish has a unique taste that speaks loads about the Indian taste and culture.

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