Indian Food-Showcasing India on a Platter

Indian Food-Showcasing India on a Platter

Food does not only satiate the appetite but also helps in uplifting the mood of an individual. The food of a particular area or a county is the signature of the same and gives an insight about the cultural as well as culinary flavors. Food defies any geographical boundaries whatsoever and unifies the people around the globe.

India, which is the second-most populous nation, is also one of the culinary giants of the world. It is almost impossible to dish out every popular dish on a single platter; such is the diversity of the Indian food. Indian food in Cincinnati is popular, equally among the Indians, the people from South-East Asia and the Native Americans.

The Sizzling Spice

Kerala, which is known as the spice capital of the world is a state in India and is home to some common as well as exclusive spices. The spice factor is always a defining factor in Indian food. It is not only about the taste, that these spices render to the food but also the medicinal qualities present in them, make them an integral part of the Indian cuisine.

The Fusion Cuisine

Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian food, occupy equal space in the Indian cuisine, so it is a perfect blend of both tastes and no particular type of food finds its nose in front. If North-Indians consider non-vegan food as an integral part of their cuisine, the state of Gujarat relies heavily on vegetarian food. Most of the Indian restaurants, around the world, make their menu a fusion of the two cuisines.

The Curry Charm

Indian cuisine is well known in the world, mainly because of the mouth-watering curries, blended with exotic spices. These curries can be coupled with various types of flat-breads or steamed rice. Some curries are hot and spicy, with a lot of spices, while some are more mild, having the base of yogurt or cashew and cream, which gives a subtle flavor. The curry magic encompasses both vegans as well as non-vegan cuisines. The famous meatball curry of India is a combination of the English style of having meat, coupled with the traditional Indian curry. The kofta curry is a vegetarian variation of the famous non-vegan delicacy.

The Sweet Tooth

No platter can be completed without one or two mouth-watering sweet-dishes accompanying the main course. Indian cuisine has a whole-lot of sweet dishes, which gives a different dimension to Indian food. The famous Rosugulla and   Lady Canning of Bengal, Phirni and Shahi Tukda of Hyderabad are some of the popular examples out of the large pool of sweet dishes.

The Last Bite

Indian food is showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India and also the culinary magic of the country. The Tandoor is a famous Indian Bistro in Cincinnati, which serves the most authentic Indian food to the customers and helping them feel the true essence of India, through their taste buds.