Relish the Taste of India at the Best Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati

Relish the Taste of India at the Best Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati

Indian food is well appreciated all over the world. Whether it is the US or the UK, Indian dishes are popular amongst all nationalities. Thanks to some authentic Indian restaurants in Cincinnati, residents of this place can order from home or visit the restaurant to have some awesome and delicious Indian food.

Why Indian food can be best relished at a good Indian restaurant in Cincinnati?

  1. Most Indian dishes require good hours of preparation where the cook or the chef needs to be trained in the particular style of cooking so that the food tastes just the way it is supposed to be. This is in sharp contrast to the Western style of cooking that is relatively fast-paced and doesn’t really require lots of preparation time. Since cooking Indian food is time-consuming and labor-intensive work, not many people are comfortable cooking the food at home.
  2. Most Indian food is made from nutritious ingredients making them extremely good for the health of the person eating the food. Authentic Indian spices that are added to the food not only make the food scrumptious and appetizing but also fill the gourmet with some miraculous healing powers.
  3. Indian food is best relished when eaten immediately. This is other words mean that when you reheat Indian dishes the taste differs from the original flavor. Hence best is to visit an Indian restaurant in Cincinnati that is owned and run by Indians or have experienced and qualified Indian chefs to experience the real taste of India. They know exactly how and when to serve the food so that guests can have a memorable culinary experience.
  4. Just like the way India is a land of diverse cultures and languages, same is the case with Indian food. Every region has its own distinct style of cooking. In order to enjoy the true taste of each region, it is best to visit Indian restaurants in Cincinnati that specialize in a particular regional cuisine.

Some top Indian delicacies that are a must-try at a decent Indian restaurant in Cincinnati

  1. Chicken Tikka – Small pieces of chicken are first marinated with spices and yogurt and then cooked on an Angeethi with the help of skewers. Served as boneless or with bone, the succulent pieces are accompanied with onion rings and green chutney for authentic taste.
  2. Samosa – This is a fried dish made from flour or maida that is stuffed with a pre-cooked mixture and is a common snacks item or appetizer in India. The triangular shape of the samosa is quite unique. It is usually served with green mint chutney.
  3. Pakoras – This is basically a Punjabi delicacy and mostly relished as a snack item in India. Pakoras can be made from all vegetables while for the non-vegetarians the chicken pakora and the mutton pakora are good options.
  4. Kebabs – There are different varieties of kebabs that are cooked using minced meat. The origin can be traced to the Middle East and the Mughal period. The Mutton Seekh Kebab or the Chicken Seekh Kebab are quite famous the world over. The meat is mixed with plenty of spices and skewers are used for grilling them before serving hot to customers.
  5. Biryani – A dish that came to India during the Mughal period, the biryani is a popular Muslim dish and is made by mixing rice with lots of Indian spices for a distinctive taste. There are different types of biryanis – vegetarian that is made with lots of vegetables, chicken biryani, meat biryani which consists of goat or lamb parts, egg biryani, fish and prawn biryani. The specialty about this dish is that the mixed ingredients are cooked over a slow fire for hours to get the splendid taste.

Enjoy sumptuous and tasty Indian food at Tandoor, which is one of the best restaurants in Cincinnati.

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