Something More About Tandoor

Something More About Tandoor

The word Tandoor is a synonym of food. Even though it is just a type of cooking that gives a distinct flavor, or type of food, the relevance of Tandoor is highly prevalent in Indian cuisine. Tandoor is the one most favorite flavor in the Indian restaurant menu, which is liked by all. It is one of the varieties of the oven; the most common one is a vertically shaped thick clay oven, heated with the help of charcoal. This one is mostly used in outdoor catering or at big restaurants. This, in turn, ends up giving the best flavor to the food.

The Global Cuisine

Love for the tandoori food is not only limited to India and Pakistan but the rustic flavors work their magic on people from all over the globe. If Indian food in Cincinnati is to be discussed, there are various hotels that serve mouthwatering Tandoori dishes, which take the Indians back to the Indian Diaspora and give the native people the unique taste of tandoor that leaves their taste buds wondering with the blast of flavors.

Tandoori cooking can be exercised on both veg and non-veg but the non-veg side of the tandoori food is preferred slightly more than its veg counterpart. Some of the famous lamb dishes of some famous Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati Ohio.


The Magic Of Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is the flag bearer of tandoori food. When one thinks of tandoori food, Tandoori chicken is the first to spring up in one’s mind.   It’s a chicken that is marinated in yogurt, lemon juice, and fresh spices. Yogurt makes this dish tasty as well as healthy and no doubt, yogurt is quite healthy as it’s packed with vitamins. The basic ingredients used in this dish are onion, garlic, ginger, and allspice mix. Finally, the dish is properly cooked in a charcoal clay oven and cooking in such a manner can give this dish a distinct flavor that people love.

It is so popular that people do not only dine in but also order for a tandoori chicken home delivery, so that they can relish the mouthwatering taste, without breaking a sweat.

The Veggie Side

The Vegetarian side of the tandoori dishes has its own splendor. Tandoori vegetables are loved by people around the globe. What makes unique is the smoky and rustic taste. Paneer Tikka is the most famous, vegetarian snack dish. To enjoy it to the fullest, one should try it with okra and mint chutney.

Apart from tandoori snacks and dishes, some tandoori bread is really famous around the world. They are taken up with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Tandoori Roti, Naan, Lacchha Parantha are some examples of such bread


Indian food has become increasingly famous, round the globe. If one is looking for an, then Tandoor will make one of the best choices. Tandoor is a restaurant, famous for Indian food. With its wide variety of Indian food, from snacks to main-course, every dish has a unique taste that speaks loads about the Indian taste and culture.

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