Tandoor- The Flavor of India

Tandoor- The Flavor of India

The word Tandoor is a synonym to food. Even though it is just a type of flavor, or type of food, the relevance of Tandoor is highly prevalent in Indian cuisine. Tandoor is the one most favorite flavor in the Indian restaurant menu, which is highly liked and praised. Tandoor is one of the varieties of the oven; the most common one is a vertically shaped thick clay oven, heated with the help of charcoal. This one is mostly used in outdoor catering or at big restaurants. This, in turn, ends up giving the best flavor to the food, superior to the taste Tandoori food cocked in the indoor ovens, running with the help of electricity. Electric ovens are compact and used at home for heating and cocking purpose, which are most widely used.

Tandoori food

There is a different variety of food made with the help of Tandoor. To name a few; chicken Tangri/stuff Tangri, Tandoori Murgh, Afghani Tandoori Murgh, Murgh Tikka, Murgh Afghani Tikka, Murgh Achari Tikka, Murgh Tandoori Pakora, Sabji Pakora, Chili Pakora, Samosa Chat, Tandoori Rice and Tandoori Chips with Bhel Puri and many more dishes to allure you towards our kitchen. Tandoori food is not oily, little chilly, less on carbohydrates, and full of protein resulting in providing you with the best taste with many health benefits.

Tandoori chicken

Tandoori food items go with various side dishes like papad, raita, chilly mint sauce, or sweet mango sauce. Tandoori food is best accompanied with mocktails, aerated drinks, or soda. Indian food is known all over the world because it is piquant, spicy, and a mix of different flavors. It is not bland in taste, and it is a unique amalgamation of different spices and flavors. If you are a person who loves Tandoori food, you should immediately head to the restaurant serving the best Indian cuisine in Cincinnati. There are many genuine eating places offering best Indian cuisine in downtown Cincinnati. Cincinnati is known to serve the tastiest India cuisine.

tastiest India cuisine

Interesting Facts about Indian Food

i. Indian food is beyond curry and rice, a rich combination of unique flavor and different tastes, making it a delicacy in it
ii. The food is natural, without mixture. It is high on fibers making it digestible without any side effects.
iii. It consists of a wide variety of regional and traditions flavors.
iv. There is much more to Indian food than heard or searched.
v. No country in this world produces as many spices as India does. Thus, our menu has many varieties and delicacies.
vi. Points to remember, no country in this world produces as many spices as India does. Thus, Indian cuisine has many varieties and delicacies.
vii. Potato, onion, tomato, and chili are some of the most commonly used ingredients.

viii. The Indian food of today can be traced back 4,500 years to the Harappan civilization, where vegetables were an integral portion of their meals.

ix. All around the world, there are few common misconceptions about Indian cuisines such as Indian food is always hot and spicy, being high on fats, calories and unhealthy. Well, it’s is not true

 Indian cuisines


Tandoori food, suffice all the facts related to Indian food, making it pleasing as well as healthy. Tandoori food and other Indian cuisines are beyond being spicy; they’re digestible and good for stomach enzymes. Concluding, Indian food has its origin dating back to thousands of years, making it highly organic and natural.

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