Tandoor-The Taste that Matters

Tandoor-The Taste that Matters

Food satiates not only the appetite but also the mood and senses. When we talk about Indian food or the evolution of Indian cuisine, it is a practice that has evolved through a lengthy process of trial and error. The concept of cuisine evolved in the times of kings and castles, when the monarch had the people paying taxes, and they enjoyed the fine-tuning of the traditional recipes. This kind of refinement of the food has come to be known as cuisine. India is a land of unity in diversity, so the array of the cuisines of the country is spread far and wide.

The Earliest Restaurants

If we talk about the restaurant culture, it dates back to the Roman era when the people sailed in merchant ships, and there was a need for roadside eateries. These restaurants were usually located in the middle of the countryside and served meals to travelers. There were no menus or options to choose from. Every night was the chef’s choice.

The Modern Restaurants

With the coming of the 1990s the restaurant culture boomed, as both men and women started working and the concept of eating out increased heaps and bounces, and people developed a craze of dining out.

The Indian restaurants in Bistro, serve some of the finest Indian food in Cincinnati, which is equally enjoyed by the Indians and also the native Americans. Such is the charisma of Indian food that it is holding the fort, all around the globe through its taste and medicinal value.

The Tandoori Fascination

Tandoor is a concept that has evolved from Afghanistan and then spread into the Indian sub-continent and its neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. In India, Tandoori food is mainly famous in the cuisine of North India.

The Mughlai Magic

Mughlai cuisine is very famous in India and around the world. India has got this cuisine from the Mughals, who ruled over India for a long time. Dishes like Kebabs, Pasandas, Biriyani, Harees, and Haleem are a part of this cuisine. Different types of flatbreads like Tandoori Roti, Khameeri Roti are also a part of the Mughlai kitchen.

The Punjabi Tadka

Punjabi food is in a different league when we talk of Indian food, especially tandoori food. In the food of Punjab, we can see the simplicity of a commoner and also traditional royalty. The world-famous Patiala peg is a Punjabi innovation of a standard peg. The Mughlai trends and techniques also influence food. Indian restaurants are generally pretty famous for their Punjabi food.

The Last Arrow of the Quiver

Indian food has been holding its magnificence for ages now. Indians have traveled around the globe and also taken their food and taste along with them, and that’s how Indian food has gained tremendous popularity on the global front. If you want to taste Indian food in Cincinnati, then Tandoor India Restaurant is a good option to try because they are the closest to the true taste of Indian food.

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