The Indian Diaspora of Food

The Indian Diaspora of Food

Indian food is a signature of the social and cultural diversity of the land. A country that has 29 states and each state is having its own cuisine. One can find every taste in the book in Indian cuisine. Indians are like potatoes, which are found almost in every country. Indian restaurants are found in almost every country. If you want to taste the best Indian food in Cincinnati, you will not have to go too far. It is Indians as well as foreigners, who are fond of Indian food. That is why; Indian restaurants have become a force to reckon with, all over the world.

Covering Both the Dimensions

Variety is the most important cog that makes a food menu, the choice of millions. If it catering to the need of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There is a huge possibility of it, being a big hit. Most of the Indian restaurants in Cincinnati specialize in the North Indian flavors. The demand for the north Indian curry items is record-breaking in all the famous restaurants. The ambiance of a restaurant is a big factor in attracting customers to dine there. The Lunch Buffet is a concept, which the restaurants have introduced to increase the footfall. A lunch buffet menu is exclusively catered by the restaurants, which has a wide array of choices, at an economical price. This gives people, the feeling of sitting in an Indian household and having lunch, which is worth every penny.

The Tandoori Concept

Tandoor or clay oven cooking is a style that was found in Afghanistan. It is now a signature cooking technique in the Indian state of Punjab. This kind of cooking has intense and unique flavors. This concept is equally used for making vegan as well as non-vegan dishes. Tandoori chicken has become the face of Indian tandoori food. In the making of this iconic dish, chicken is roasted in the tandoor, till the time it becomes juicy, moist and has the well-known smoky flavor and tossed into the Indian spices, making it the love of all the Indian food-lovers all over the world.

What is Your Preference?

It has always been a dilemma among people, whether to visit a restaurant or opt for the home-delivery option. Many restaurants have a website, where the people can order their favorite food, directly at their doorstep. When an individual is not in the mood of going to a restaurant, all the information pertaining to the menu is in front of him. Proper arrangements are made by the restaurants to deliver the food, hot and fresh. People nowadays mostly prefer the home-delivery option, due to the lack of time.

The Final Billing

The Indian food-lovers always are interested in tasting the most authentic Indian dishes in the restaurants. Tandoor is a well-known Indian restaurant in Cincinnati Ohio, which specializes in serving the popular Indian dishes to the customers so that they can take a dip into the culinary art of India. So, if one wants to indulge in the magic of Indian taste, just step into Tandoor and experience the real taste