The Meaty Side of Tandoor

The Meaty Side of Tandoor

The word Tandoor is a synonym of food. Even though it is just a type of cooking that gives a distinct flavor, or type of food, the relevance of Tandoor is highly prevalent in Indian cuisine. Tandoor is the one most favorite flavor in the Indian restaurant menu, which is liked by all. It is one of the varieties of the oven; the most common one is a vertically shaped thick clay oven, heated with the help of charcoal. This one is mostly used in outdoor catering or at big restaurants. This, in turn, ends up giving the best flavor to the food.

Indian Food- Covering the Globe

Love for the tandoori food is not only limited to India and Pakistan but the rustic flavors work their magic on people from all over the globe. If Indian food in Cincinnati is to be discussed, there are various hotels that serve mouthwatering Tandoori dishes, which take the Indians back to the Indian Diaspora and give the native people the unique taste of tandoor that leaves their taste buds wondering with the blast of flavors.

Tandoori cooking can be exercised on both veg and non-veg but the non-veg side of the tandoori food is preferred slightly more than its veg counterpart. Some of the famous lamb dishes of some famous Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati.

Lamb Chops

There are two varieties of lamb chops. There are thinner chops that can be cut off of a rack of lamb and another lamb loin chops that are thicker and juicier. Both varieties can be seared or roasted, and when served with appropriate topping or sauce, it turns out to be a very delicious treat. Amazing lamb dishes in Cincinnati are available in some of the top restaurants.

Roghan Josh

Roghan Josh is an authentic dish of the Indian state of Kashmir, made with a blend of Indian spices and has mild spiced light gravy to it. The aroma of the exclusive Indian spices adds a taste that is unique and has to taste to be described.

Tandoor- A Cultural Carrier

India is a land of diversities and different cultures, food, and customs. Food is the most important way of knowing the culture and tradition of a place. Indian food is known for its exotic taste and flavors. Tandoori dishes are one of the most popular dishes of the country. It is rich in flavors and is prepared with great care. It is nutritionally high, and light on fat which makes it a healthy choice.

Tandoori dishes are usually grilled or roasted and are prepared on low flame. Very low amount of oil or any other form of fat is used for cooking it. Let us discuss why tandoori dishes are gaining so much popularity all over the world.

Tandoori Food and Health

Dishes such as tandoori paneer or tandoori chicken are very high in protein content. Moreover, it is cooked in an oven which helps retaining its nutrients. Protein, very necessary for muscle building and other vitamins like B6, B5, B3 are present in tandoori dishes making it good for health.


Tandoori dishes are considered good for improving metabolism and act as fat cutter and thus can be easily galloped by the people who are much concerned with their paunch and want to get rid of it.


The Last Words

Tandoori food, suffice all the facts related to Indian food, making it pleasing as well as healthy. Tandoori food and other Indian Cuisines are beyond being spicy; they’re digestible and good for stomach enzymes. Concluding, Indian food has its origin dating back to thousands of years, making it highly organic and natural.

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