The Sneak Peek into Indian Taste

The Sneak Peek into Indian Taste

Indian food is a symbol of diversity and a carrier of rich cultural heritage. It has an exuberance of taste and is as diverse as India itself is. A country that has 29 states and every state is having its own cuisines. You can find almost every taste in the book when you talk about Indian cuisine.

Indians have now reached everywhere in the world, and where, there are Indians, Indian food is a must-have. Indian restaurants are there in every other country on the globe. It is not only the Indians who are fond of exotic and finger-licking food, but the foreigners are also not able to resist the delightful taste. This is the primary reason why Indian restaurants are able to make it big abroad. Indian Bistro in Cincinnati is very popular, owing to its rustic taste and aroma and is ranked high on the food charts in the restaurants.

Indian Restaurants- The Indian Mirror

If one is looking for the best Indian food in Cincinnati, there are many Indian restaurants, which serve a wide variety of Indian food. Tandoor is one such restaurant in Cincinnati which has its specialty for catering North Indian food. They have the dishes from Punjab, Gujarat, Jain community, and South India. It’s a customer’s delight, having the leverage to choose from such a diversified menu and treats their taste buds according to the command of their mood.

The Peep Inside

The Indian restaurants in Cincinnati are proving to be a hit among both, Indian and non-Indian communities. The chefs, who are the ultimate tastemakers, have a big role to play in making the food what it is, and on that note, the choice and skills of the chefs are right up there. They are vastly experienced in what they do and presenting the customers with the true taste of Indian food. The restaurants ensure to use fresh ingredients for the preparation of dishes. Indian food is rich in herbs and spices, which gives it the million-dollar taste. Every ingredient that goes into making a dish worth grabbing is handpicked to ensure that it is of the premium quality so that the output is delectable.

Getting Into Tandoor

As the name Tandoor, gives an indication, the restaurant is popular for clay oven dishes which in India are popularly known as tandoor dishes. Tandoor is a concept that originated in Afghanistan and is much popular technique of cooking in the Indian state of Punjab. Tandoori cooking has a unique and intense flavor. It is equally popular for making vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian delicacies. Tandoori chicken is a dish that has become the flag bearer of Indian tandoori food. Chicken roasted in the clay oven, till the time it becomes nicely juicy, moist and has the unique smoky flavor and tossed into the Indian mix of spices, making it the choice of millions.

The Finger Bowl

The specialties of the restaurant are soups, desserts, appetizers, main course, and seafood, making it a perfect place for having the most authentic Indian food in Cincinnati. The customers are surely going to enjoy dishes to their heart content. The friendly staff is very helpful and always ready to guide customers about their popular dishes.

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