Top 10 Indian Food Which Cook In Tandoor

Top 10 Indian Food Which Cook In Tandoor

A Tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven and it’s used initially in northern parts of India like Punjab and also used in restaurants. The heat of tandoor generates from burning charcoal or wood so that food cooked in tandoor has a smoky flavor. Food which is cooked in tandoor called Tandoori. Hence Tandoor is equipment as well as cooking technique. In this cooking special type of mixed spices are used for enhancing the flavor as well as the color of the dish.

Most hotels, shops, and restaurants prepare these tandoori dishes for taste lovers. They also give the facility of home delivery. Tandoori chicken for home delivery is also available. Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular dishes for tandoori cuisine lovers. There are top 10 tandoori recipes which are famous and cook in Tandoor-

Tandoori Paneer Tikka-It is a popular starter. Washed paneer mix with the garlic-ginger paste, meat masala, and Kasuri Methi. Then pieces smoked on tandoor with few vegetables like capsicum, onion and tomatoes threat on a skewer.

Tandoori Roti– These are chewy and soft bread made- up of refined flour, salt, sugar, egg, and curd. These Bread can either plain or stuffed with potato, onion, and paneer.

Macchi Tikka– Marinated fish pieces coated with herb and spices charcoaled in tandoor.

Tandoori Mixed Grill- Tender Lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and Seekh kebab served with naan bread and salad.

Boti Kebab –Luscious starter in which intensely marinated mutton pieces slowly cooked in tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken- It is iconic and best Indian food for non-vegetarians. The chicken pieces marinated in a mix of spices and curd, then thread onto skewers and slowly cooked in tandoor.

Seekh Kebab-mouth melting starter in which mutton minces mix with onions and aromatic spices.

Tandoori Prawn- A special treat for seafood lovers in which overnight marinated prawns cooked in tandoor with a coat of melted butter on top of it.

Tandoori Raan- Give a real treat with tandoori Raan or Tandoori Lamb Raan. Phenomenal Tandoori Raan cooked for about 72 hours in tandoor. Tender Tandoori Raan is prepared with the right combination of herbs, spices, and curd.

Tandoori Murgh Tikka- Marinated chicken kebabs mix with hung curd skewered and roasted in hot, tender to turn out moist and full of smoky flavor.