Top Indian Cuisines You Must Try

Top Indian Cuisines You Must Try

The super delicious flavors, strong and mouth-watering ingredients, and a wide variety of cuisines are all that make Indian food one of the most interesting foods around the world. The best part about Indian cuisine is the way it is served i.e. all in one platter (which comprises dessert, spicy, sour, and tangy food).

The Indians do not need to limit their food platter to a particular type of cuisine, instead, there are a plethora of regional dishes that Indians can enjoy. The cuisines usually vary from place to place such as the platter you will be served in Gujarat is completely different from Punjabi Thali. Perhaps, that’s why Indian dishes are considered the top cuisines in the world. Let’s have a look at some popular Indian Cuisine Cincinnati that is worth giving a shot:

  • Biryani

BiryaniBiryani is the mixed rice cuisine that is composed of veggies, meat, eggs, and other spices. If you are looking for some spicy, flavorful, and interesting Indian dish, Biryani should be at the top of your priority list. Thanks to the Mughals who brought this delicious cuisine from Persia to India. Even though Biryani is not originated in India, it is definitely one of the top cuisines that Indians love the most. Ever since Biryani came to India, it gained immense popularity for its flavorful taste and spices. Its excessive consumption and constant evolution made this dish a famous Indian Cuisine.

Hyderabad is especially famous for serving the best Biryani platter in India but you must also taste the delicious Biryani of Lucknow, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh.

  • Dosa

dosaHave you ever been to India? Did you ever get to taste Indian cuisines? If not, you are really missing out on something super yummy. For instance, the South Indian Dosa. This crisp pancake originally comes from South India but its amazing taste and the blend of spicy ingredients helped the cuisine to get a place on the World’s top cuisines. Today, Dosa is served in almost every Indian restaurant with plenty of variations such as Paper Dosa, Masala Dosa, Uthappam, Rava Dosa, Set Dosa, Paneer Dosa, Chicken 65 Dosa, Pizza Dosa, 70 mm Dosa, and the list goes on. Dosa is usually served with Sambar or green and red Chutneys.


  • Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer

Butter Paneer


When it comes to the best Indian food Cincinnati, there’s no way we can miss butter chicken on the list. This creamy orange gravy that is composed of a decent amount of spices yet a variety of flavors in one of the most flavorful cuisines you would have ever had. Similarly, Butter Paneer is another creamy green recipe that originally comes from Punjab. The recipe of Butter Paneer and Butter chicken may vary from place to place. In fact, every household and restaurant has a unique butter chicken recipe.



  • Samosa

samosaIndian food is never complete without Samosa, at least for the Indians who are great admirers of the dish. A Samosa can be defined as a conical dish prepared out of bread and stuffed with a spicy filling that includes potato, minced meat, onions, lentils, peas, and noodles. Once the Snack is filled, it is thoroughly sealed to keep the filling from seeping out. The stuffed Samosa is put in the pan for deep-frying. The minute the Samosa takes crisp golden color, they are taken out of the pan and served with tamarind chutney and mint.

Are you looking for delicious, flavorful, and tasty Indian cuisines? Well, the above-listed dishes are some of the top Indian food that you must try. Choose your favorite cuisine and get the quick Indian food delivery Cincinnati.

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